Isaac Wilhelm

Works in Progress or Under Review

Talk About Types (metaphysics, logic, type theory, identity, absolute generality)

I argue that for the purposes of metaphysical theorizing, the calculus of constructions—a higher-order language which allows for quantification over types—is better than other languages discussed by philosophers.

Meaning and Statespace (logic, semantics, aboutness, states)

I propose a theory of how worldly states determine the truth values of sentences, and I use that theory to analyze the contents of sentences, partial content, propositions, subject matter, aboutness, entailment, logical subtraction, and more.

Gender is Essential to Some, But Not All, Individuals (feminist philosophy, metaphysics, essence)

I argue that some individuals have their genders essentially while others do not.

Grounds for Effective Theories (grounding, quantum field theories, renormalization group)

I propose a ground-theoretic account of the physical content, and the non-fundamental character, of effective quantum field theories.

Perfectly Grounded: Special Sciences and Fundamental Physics (special science properties, grounding, perfect naturalness)

I propose an account of special science properties which (i) respects their autonomy from fundamental physical properties, and yet (ii) implies that they reduce to fundamental physics.