Isaac Wilhelm

Works in Progress or Under Review

Talk About Types (metaphysics, logic, type theory, identity, absolute generality)

I argue that for the purposes of metaphysical theorizing, the calculus of constructions—a higher-order language which allows for quantification over types—is better than other languages discussed by philosophers.

Gender is Essential to Some, But Not All, Individuals (feminist philosophy, metaphysics, essence)

I argue that some individuals have their genders essentially while others do not.

Grounds for Effective Theories (grounding, quantum field theories, renormalization group)

I propose a ground-theoretic account of the physical content, and the non-fundamental character, of effective quantum field theories.

Reduction, Autonomy, and the Special Sciences (special science properties, grounding, perfect naturalness)

I propose an account of special science properties which (i) respects their autonomy from fundamental physical properties, and yet (ii) implies that they reduce to fundamental physics.