Isaac Wilhelm

NUS Presidential Conference: Formal Epistemology

Date: May 25-27, 2023.
Location: Nautica Room, Level 2; Republic of Singapore Yacht Club, 52 W Coast Ferry Rd, 126887.
  1. Zach Barnett (NUS)
  2. Jennifer Carr (UCSD)
  3. Lisa Cassell (UMBC)
  4. Kevin Dorst (MIT)
  5. Kenny Easwaran (Texas A&M)
  6. Melissa Fusco (Columbia)
  7. Al Hájek (ANU)
  8. Julia Staffel (Boulder)
  9. Snow Zhang (Berkeley)
Official Discussants

Boris Babic (Toronto), Ben Blumson (NUS), Joseph Cobon (Oxford), J. Dmitri Gallow (ACU), Jie Gao (Zhejiang), Eugene Ho (NUS), Ethan Jerzak (NUS), Mikayla Kelley (Stanford), Gabrielle Kerbel (Michigan), Boris Kment (Princeton), Joshua Thong (NUS), Michael Nielsen (Sydney), Abelard Podgorski (NUS), Hsueh Ming Qu (NUS), Neil Sinhababu (NUS), Laura Soter (Duke), and Weng Hong Tang (NUS).


What principles of rationality govern credences, beliefs, values, and so on? To what formal rules might those principles conform? And what, more generally, is the connection between formal and non-formal methods in philosophy? These questions, and others like them, have received considerable attention from philosophers in recent decades. The purpose of this conference—which is part of a larger series of conferences in the philosophy department at NUS—is to bring researchers together, to facilitate discussion of these issues in formal epistemology.

Organizers: Ashley Chay (NUS) and Isaac Wilhelm (NUS).
Sponsors: NUS Presidential Young Professorship grant.
PhilEvents Website: see here.