Isaac Wilhelm

NUS Presidential Conference: Formal Epistemology

Date and Time: May 25-27, 2023.
Location: National University of Singapore (NUS), room TBD.
  1. Liam Kofi Bright (LSE)
  2. Jennifer Carr (UCSD)
  3. Lisa Cassell (UMBC)
  4. Kevin Dorst (MIT)
  5. Kenny Easwaran (Texas A&M)
  6. Melissa Fusco (Columbia)
  7. Al Hájek (ANU)
  8. Julia Staffel (Boulder)
  9. Snow Zhang (Berkeley)
Official Discussants: TBD.

What principles of rationality govern credences, beliefs, values, and so on? To what formal rules might those principles conform? And what, more generally, is the connection between formal and non-formal methods in philosophy? These questions, and others like them, have received considerable attention from philosophers in recent decades. The purpose of this conference—which is part of a larger series of conferences in the philosophy department at NUS—is to bring researchers together, to facilitate discussion of these issues in formal epistemology.

Organizers: Ashley Chay (NUS) and Isaac Wilhelm (NUS).
Sponsors: NUS Presidential Young Professorship grant.
PhilEvents Website: see here.