Isaac Wilhelm


I am an assistant professor—with a presidential young professorship—in the philosophy department at the National University of Singapore. I received my Ph.D. from Rutgers, where I also earned an M.S. in mathematics.

My research centers around the non-fundamental. I tend to focus on how non-fundamental phenomena often mix objective and subjective elements. One project, along these lines, is about how centered propositions can be objectively chancy. Another project develops a unified theory of explanation in metaphysics, science, and social philosophy. In addition, I am developing projects on quantum field theories, the logic of identity, social metaphysics, and feminist philosophy.

Before coming to philosophy, I worked as a filmmaker in Chicago: I made documentaries about people, parks, and diners. These days, in addition to philosophy, I like taking pictures, watching movies, knitting, reading and writing poems, teaching outside of the academy, and hiking.


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