I am an assistant professor—with a presidential professorship—in the philosophy department at the National University of Singapore. I got my Ph.D. from Rutgers, where I also got an M.S. in mathematics.

Most of my research is on metaphysics, philosophy of science, and philosophy of physics – though I work on epistemology, feminist philosophy, and logic as well. Perhaps the main overarching theme in my work concerns how subjective phenomena appear within seemingly objective features of the world. This theme runs through my publications on probability, typicality facts, explanation, centered propositions, quantum field theories, the logic of identity, and social metaphysics.

Before philosophy, I worked as a documentary filmmaker in Chicago. These days, in addition to philosophy, I like taking pictures, watching movies, knitting, reading and writing poems, teaching outside of the academy, and hiking.


Current Teaching

  1. The Value of Naturalness (forthcoming). Erkenntnis.
  2. Worlds are Pluralities (2024). Australasian Journal of Philosophy 102: 221-231.
  3. Centering the Born Rule (2023). Quantum Reports 5: 311-324.
  4. Comparing Mathematical Explanations (2023). The British Journal for the Philosophy of Science 74: 269-290.
  5. Constitution, Evidence, and an Argument for Realism (2023). Asian Journal of Philosophy 46: 1-10.
  6. Centering the Everett Interpretation (2022). Philosophical Quarterly 72: 1019-1039.
  7. Intrinsicality and Entanglement (2022). Mind 131: 35-58.
  8. Pluralities, Counterparts, and Groups (2022). Philosophical Studies 179: 2133-2153.
  9. Tractability and Laws (2022). Synthese 200: 1-17.
  10. Typical: A Theory of Typicality and Typicality Explanation (2022). The British Journal for the Philosophy of Science 73: 561-581.
  11. Centering the Principal Principle (2021). Philosophical Studies 178: 1897-1915.
  12. Comparing the Structures of Mathematical Objects (2021). Synthese 199: 6357-6369.
  13. Explanatory Priority Monism (2021). Philosophical Studies 178: 1339-1359.
  14. Grounding and Propositional Identity (2021). Analysis 81: 80-81.
  15. The Counteridentical Account of Explanatory Identities (2021). The Journal of Philosophy 118: 57-78.
  16. A Statistical Analysis of Luck (2020). Synthese 197: 867-885.
  17. An Argument for Entity Grounding (2020). Analysis 80: 500-507.
  18. Interventionist Explanation and the Problem of Single Variable Boundary Constraints (2020). Noûs 54: 945-955.
  19. The Logic of Typicality (2020). In V. Allori, ed., Statistical Mechanics and Scientific Explanation: Determinism, Indeterminism and Laws of Nature. World Scientific. (with Harry Crane)
  20. The Stage Theory of Groups (2020). Australasian Journal of Philosophy 98: 661-674.
  21. Celestial Chaos: The New Logics of Theory-Testing in Orbital Dynamics (2019). Studies in History and Philosophy of Modern Physics 65: 97-102.
  22. The Ontology of Mechanisms (2019). The Journal of Philosophy 116: 615-636.
  23. New Data on the Representation of Women in Philosophy Journals: 2004-2015 (2018). Philosophical Studies 175: 1441-1464. (with Sherri Conklin and Nicole Hassoun)
  24. The Representation of Belief (2018). Journal of Philosophical Logic 47: 715-732.

Public Philosophy
  1. LogIn Project (2024). I was interviewed by Giulia Schirripa for a podcast on feminism and formal methods in philosophy.
  2. Mystical Rationality (2023). In H. De Cruz and J. De Smedt, eds., Avatar: The Last Airbender and Philosophy. Wiley.
  3. Why Christians should welcome face masks (2021, January/February). Messenger 170: 27.
  4. From Ants to Quantum Non-Locality (2017, July). The Daily Ant: Philosophy Phriday. (with Eddy Chen)